Client Testimonials

"The Transflux™ system has saved us a lot of time, allowing us to scan more patients which reduces waiting times, benefiting our patients. Being such a busy public hospital department that services both inpatients and outpatients, the cost savings have also been significant."
Rachael Grey, Charge CT MRT, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand
“We have been using the Transflux™ system at the Mater for about a year now. Its use offers many advantages over traditional pressure injector use. There is less waste of consumables which equates to cost savings. There is time saving which leads to increased patient throughput. There is improvement in the quality of studies due to appropriate contrast dose, based on patient weight. This, coupled with the now routine saline flush, leads to an overall decrease in contrast volume used throughout the day. There is increased patient safety because all injections are now dual and so contrast extravasation can be reduced to almost nil by adjusting technique. The Transflux™ system allows us to realise the imaging potential that the dual energy CT scanner promises”.
Bede Yates, Chief Radiographer, Queensland Xray, Australia
“The main reasons why we are using this device are related to cost savings, ease of use, reduction of waste and preserved patient safety.”
Prof. Dr. G. Marechal, Head of Radiology Department, UZ Leuven.
“In our department we are using the Transflux™ for more than six years for all our CT & MR scans, without any complication or malfunctioning of the system whatsoever.”
Prof. Dr. Y. Palmers, Head of Radiology Department, ZOL Genk.

Transflux™ a success in Leuven Hospital

For many years, hospitals have been using the Transflux™ system without any complication. Prof. Dr. Palmers from Z.O.L. Genk and Prof. Dr. Marechal from KU Leuven Hospital describe why they have used the Transflux™ system for so many years in their departments.

Current sites using Transflux™ in Australia and New Zealand