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Radiology DU

Radiology DU Ltd was established in 2011 by Tim Sheehan and Cath Hormati after identifying an opportunity to introduce Australasia to a unique and innovative product. The product is the Transflux multiuse contrast delivery system and is the company’s main focus. Transflux is leading a paradigm shift away from the environmentally unsustainable and uneconomical single use method of contrast delivery.

Tim brings over 20 years experience with power injection systems as a radiographer leading teams in CT, PET/CT and Angiography.

With more than 20 years experience as a nurse in all areas of radiology, Cath brings considerable experience in the area of radiology procedures and devices.

The designers of Transflux, P&R Medical, have worked with Europe’s leading University Hospital (Leuven, Belgium) to develop the only scientifically proven 100% safe multiuse contrast system.

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P&R Medical

Jean-Pierre Peters, founder and General Manager of P&R Medical developed the ground-breaking contrast delivery system, Transflux.

Mr. Peters used his knowledge of medical sterile products and business to develop the product, but an international publication concerning the safety of the device was the start of the breakthrough.

Today, Transflux has become the standard in CT & MRI scans because of the zero contamination risk, the efficiency and safety of the technical part of the injection and also the savings to medical costs and waste.